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MSK in India is built on the concierge model of care. The team in India will coordinate with patients, their family members, or other representatives to schedule the services which are clinically advisable. For physicians in India whose patients are affected by cancer, our team can directly liaise with local medical teams to coordinate services on the behalf of patients. We can also arrange the most convenient time for a consultation involving local physicians, their patients, and MSK physicians in New York.

Our comprehensive remote second opinion package can include several types of services, depending on a patient’s cancer diagnosis and care needs. An MSK oncologist specializing in a specific disease will review medical records, test results, and other materials. They’ll provide a detailed written opinion or participate in a live video conference with a local treating physician to discuss the specific diagnosis and care plan.

We understand that not everyone needs a comprehensive second opinion. For people who require select services, our standalone consults include:

Expert pathology and radiology review

Review of original pathology slides of tissue samples and radiology test results, such as PET and CT scans, by MSK specialists to ensure accurate and consistent diagnoses.

Genetic sequencing and analysis of cancer

  • If clinically appropriate, genetic sequencing and analysis of a patient’s cancer for quick assessment of proper treatment regimens through MSK’s FDA-approved proprietary technology known as MSK IMPACT®
  • Helps match patients to the best available therapies or clinical trials

Customized written care plan:

Detailed written consult of medical reports and recommended care plan created by MSK surgeons, oncologists, and integrative medicine experts and shared with a patient’s local treating physician

Live video consultation

  • Video conference with an MSK subspecialist, along with an oncologist from our team in Chennai and/or the local treating doctor in India
  • After a live review and discussion of individual test results and diagnosis, a detailed written report is provided by our oncologist summarizing the visit and our care recommendations

Integrative medicine

  • Personalized advice from integrative medicine experts at MSK can be added to remote second opinions or as a standalone consult
  • Science-based holistic health services include natural treatments, touch and mind-body therapies, acupuncture, exercise programs, and consultations on nutrition, herbs, botanicals, and supplements

A Life-Changing Remote Second Opinion

  • Hear from Srinivasan, a patient in India who received a remote second opinion from MSK physician, Dr. Andrea Cercek. Srinivasan recovered following Dr Cerek’s treatment plan.
  • Listen here

The Benefit of a Second Opinion

Whether you’ve been diagnosed with a more common cancer like lung cancer, breast cancer, prostate cancer, or colon cancer or a more rare type like sarcoma, there may be value in getting a remote second opinion after your cancer diagnosis. Here are some things you should know about how and why to get a remote second opinion through MSK

People with any cancer diagnosis can benefit from getting a second opinion

Second opinions offer different things in different circumstances. If you have a common cancer with a well-established standard of care, another doctor can offer insight into clinical trials or novel treatments that may be better than the standard treatment. Second opinions also can provide insight into genetics and family risk. Additionally, another doctor may have suggestions for complementary or integrative medicine approaches that can help to manage your symptoms

For cancers that are less common, second opinions can offer more treatment options. In circumstances where there may not be a single established standard of care for your cancer, doctors at MSK can ensure that your treatment plan incorporates the most up-to-date information

If you have already begun treatment somewhere else, a second opinion can inform and refine the course of your care. You may have questions about how well the treatment is working. It can also be valuable to get a second opinion at the end of a course of treatment to figure out next steps for additional treatment or for monitoring for recurrence

Questions to help you prepare for a second-opinion appointment

We encourage patients to ask the following questions as they prepare to discuss their cancer diagnosis with a provider who is not their original doctor:

  • Are you sure my diagnosis is correct and is as accurate and precise as is necessary? For many cancers, molecular diagnosis is an important part of matching patients with the best treatment. If you’re not sure whether you had molecular or genetic testing or if it’s important for your type of cancer, you should ask
  • What is the standard-of-care treatment, and is there more than one option? There may be multiple treatments that offer the same likelihood of success. It’s important to understand the pros and cons of each one, including how the side effects of various treatments may differ
  • Are any clinical trials relevant to me — and if so, where? Every hospital has its own portfolio of clinical trials, and it may be helpful to understand the full landscape of ongoing research in India or through MSK
  • Do I need to receive treatment at MSK in New York? An expert at an academic medical center such as MSK often collaborates with oncologists at other hospitals to help patients get the same treatment at their local hospital, as they would at MSK in New York

MSK in India has a team of experts to help you find the right specialist
MSK’s India Center team is led by an oncologist and other medical and operations professionals who will help guide you to the most appropriate subspecialized expertise at MSK, based on your individual diagnosis. Our aim is to connect patients in India to an expert in New York who is familiar with the type of cancer you have and who can provide deeper insights on your diagnosis and treatment, throughout your cancer journey.

You can request an appointment online. After you fill out your information and answer some basic questions about your diagnosis, you can schedule a time to speak with a member of our India Center team.

*Note:* Remote second opinions cannot be expedited as these services are only appropriate for non-emergency cases. In the event of a medical emergency, please go to the nearest emergency room or call a local emergency service.