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When you’re diagnosed with cancer, seeking a second opinion is an important step. It can help ensure that you have the most accurate diagnosis and the best care plan.

A second opinion is recommended when:

  • You have received a new cancer or blood disorder diagnosis
  • Your diagnosis is unclear
  • Your condition or diagnosis has changed
  • You are not responding to treatment as expected
  • Your treatment plan has changed
  • You want to explore other treatment options
  • Your condition is rare
  • Your doctor recommends surgery
  • You want the peace of mind that you have an accurate diagnosis and treatment plan

Note: Remote second opinions are appropriate for non-emergent cases where MSK can provide timely and meaningful treatment recommendations.

Our comprehensive remote second opinion package can include several types of services, depending on your cancer diagnosis and care needs. An MSK oncologist specializing in your disease will review your medical records, test results, and other materials. They’ll provide a detailed written opinion or participate in a live video conference with a local treating physician to discuss your diagnosis and care plan.

We understand that not everyone needs a comprehensive second opinion. For people who require select services, our standalone consults include:

  • Pathology and radiology review
  • Genetic sequencing and analysis of cancer
  • Customized written care plan
  • Live video consultation
  • Integrative care plan

A remote opinion from an MSK oncologist will be based on the quality and quantity of information provided. Our Chennai-based team will help you gather the necessary medical records which may include pathology slides, radiology images and any other relevant medical records. All documentation must be submitted in English.

Timing varies depending on the type of services requested.

  • Written or video consults: Approximately 1-2 weeks following MSK’s receipt of complete medical records
  • Cases requiring separate pathology and/or radiology review: Approximately 2-3 weeks following MSK’s receipt of complete medical records

Note: Timing varies depending on your case complexity and availability to participate in a live call with our India Center Team, who will review each patient’s medical history.

An MSK doctor in New York will provide the consultation. MSK in India is built on the concierge model of care. The team in India will coordinate with you, your family members, or your representative to schedule the clinically advisable services.

No. MSK’s expert doctors and services in New York can be accessed from the comfort of your home or office. Some patients and their family members may choose to meet with MSK’s India Center team in person, but travel is not required.