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A Remote Second Opinion will include a review of your biopsy report and imaging tests, such as PET or CT scans, by MSK's expert pathologists and radiologists. This will ensure accurate diagnosis before an oncologist from MSK provides their opinion.

For this, you have to submit your medical records and materials to MSK in New York. The MSK India Center (Chennai) team will work with you to get all relevant medical records and other important information. The MSK India Center team will then provide a summary of your records and prepare for a remote consultation from an oncologist from MSK in New York.

After the pathologist and radiologist review your reports, the relevant oncologist will provide a comprehensive opinion on the diagnosis and treatment plan in writing. The oncologist will also answer all the questions you have related to your care.

You can also consult an MSK oncologist and an MSK India Center oncologist through video. You can either travel to the MSK India Center for the video consultation or join the video consultation remotely from anywhere, even from the comfort of your home. Video consultations require a local doctor to be present at the time.

Remote second opinions are generally a good option for recently diagnosed cancer patients or those who have already completed chemotherapy or radiation therapy. In case you are undergoing active chemotherapy or radiation therapy, it is best to seek a remote second opinion after completing your treatment. In general, remote second opinion is not an option for hospitalized patients or patients advised hospice care.

The quality of the records and materials MSK receives will determine the accuracy of a remote second opinion. The submitted reports have to be in English. The MSK India Center team will help you collect pathology materials and summarize your medical records. The records needed are:

  • Pathology reports.
  • Radiology reports.
  • Recent laboratory reports.
  • Recent medical summaries.
  • Other medical records related to the diagnosis.

The time taken for MSK to receive all your medical records and materials and review your pathology and imaging reports will determine the time taken to get a remote second opinion. Generally, MSK will provide a second opinion within one to four weeks after receiving the required medical records.